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Modern solutions for business process management

Business process management (BPM) is a broad term that covers all the strategies and activities employed to streamline a company’s workflow. With time, the concept of an ideal BPM has changed, and there are variations depending on the company’s niche, size and goals. However, in general, the end goal of business process management is to maximize efficiency, boost productivity, reach goals and help the business thrive even in a volatile economic context. In the past, managing business processes was a much more meticulous activity, not to mention more time consuming, than it is today. Now, with the advent of state-of-the-art BPM apps such as, business owners can reduce strategy execution time and accelerate business process management, while at the same time reducing the probability of human error. How is this possible? In a thriving technological age, low-code platforms provide entrepreneurs with the tools they need, empowering them to reach their goals without wasting too much time on redundant tasks.

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Benefits of using dedicated business process management software

BPM software, such as bpm’online, has been developed so as to cover the needs of top managers from all fields, trying to solve the most common business process management issues. There are many benefits to be gained from switching from pen-and-paper operations to a BPM program and below are just a few:

  • Automation

Certain company operations, especially routine ones, can take a lot of time if done manually. Why spend several hours a day doing something repetitive, when a BPM tool can do exactly that, faster and automatically? In many enterprises, using dedicated software to automate certain processes has become the norm. Thanks to processes automation, managers can assign staff to the tasks that matter most, using talent strategically instead of asking them to perform redundant activities. Automation is smooth, streamlined, and it is based on intelligent technologies.

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  • Save time & boost productivity

The current business context requires managers to be one step ahead, keep up with the market, move fast. Time is a keyword when describing efficient business operations, and BPM software can help save time. Because tasks such as customer relationship management are automated, a productivity boost will be seen almost immediately. With less redundant tasks to focus on, both managers and employees have a better picture of the business operations and can take better strategic decisions.

  • Eliminate human error

Even the most skilled manager or engineer can make mistakes – after all, this is a human nature. But, with something as sensitive as business processes, the smallest mistake can go down the chain of command and send ripples across all departments. Fortunately, BPM tools eliminate human error, reducing the risk of unpleasant surprises and ensuring that you are always efficient.

  • No coding required

When reading about the benefits of these tools, many managers imagine that they are extremely technical and could never be used by someone who is not tech savvy and does not have extensive coding skills. On the contrary, BPM … Read More

Steps Required To crop a video on your Window and Mac

Alright, guys just pour a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or whatever you need right now because we are sure you are not going to you leave you lappy, at least for a few hours from now. Yes!, because we will tell you how to crop a video on you Window and Mac. Now you can crop, stitch, stretch and fix your video at your fingertips. All you need is Movavi Video Editor.

You will be able to Crop Video, add filters, remove the unwanted black frame, the unwanted noise and many more in just one application. Only you need the compatible version of the Movavi Video Editor application for your Windows or MacOS. Windows 7, 8, 9 10, XP, Vista and MacOS 10.7 or higher are the OS version for which Movavi is available. Now, we won’t take your much time so let’s get started with the Steps for “HOW TO CROP A VIDEO” with Movavi.

Step 1: Get the Software

You can get Movavi Video Editor at any online app store or go to to download the Movavi Application Software.

Note*: Make sure you get the compatible version of Movavi Crop Video Software for your OS.

Step 2: Installation

Once you have downloaded, run the .exe file to install. Follow the instruction as shown on the screen and keep going.

Step 3: Choose the mode

As you can now see Movavi Video Editor open on the screen, you will get four ‘mode’ option. Click on the “Full feature mode” to enjoy all the features of the application.

Step 4: Import the video

Here you have two options, either you can drag and drop the video from source to the Movavi screen. Or if you click on the “Add Media File,” select the media file you want to edit and hit open.

You can now see your video on the Timeline as well as on the video editor screen.

Step 5: Crop Crop Crop

Select the video on the timeline and click on the Crop button. A resize frame will appear on you Video Editor screen, resize the frame to fix the display size of your video and click on apply, once you have done.

Step 6: Save the new video

Click on the Export button and select the options you want to save the video in, i.e., the file name, location, the quality and the format of the video and hit the Start button.

You will now find the video in the location you choose to save the video. You Can Read More Here – More

6 Ways to Save Battery When Playing Games on Android and iOS Phones

Smart phone or smartphone technology is still growing. You must have seen or played games on Android or iOS phones, from each game there are specifications to vary memory capacity that will be charged to the cellphone memory. For additional information, smartphone users will usually play games more than 1 time a day, especially mobile game lovers will certainly use the cell phone more often to play games.

It turns out that the activity of playing games for a long time can reduce the performance of cellphone batteries, so that the capacity can decrease. Every cellphone has different battery specifications, therefore you have to know how to save battery while playing games for Android and iOS phones. Because enthusiasts of mobile games are increasing, it would be nice if you listen to the following tips.

1. Decreases Screen Brightness Level
Conditions or specifications of the cellphone screen certainly make the battery performance burdened. If you use a screen brightness level that is high enough you should reduce it gradually. Use the screen brightness level low enough to save battery. Not only that, reducing the contrast and brightness on the screen can reduce the radiation level of the screen.

2. Disable Game Volume
Furthermore, from the level of the game volume must also be reduced or disabled as much as possible. The average smartphone user is not aware of this, where the sound can burden battery performance significantly, so turn off the game volume to save battery power consumption.

3. Use Power Saving Mode
Android and iOS smartphone products are equipped with power saving features or commonly called power saving modes. From this mode can provide benefits in the process of playing games because the power saving feature will reduce the battery load when playing games, so you can play it longer.

4. Disable Bluetooth and WiFi
If you play offline games, never turn on Bluetooth or WiFi features because the impact is not good on battery performance. Of these two features it is known to suck up the battery power even greater than the duration of the power reduction can be faster. So do not call for Bluetooth and WiFi features when playing games, unless you play online games that require a WiFi connection, it must be activated with the risk that the battery will run out quickly.

5. Use Airplane Mode
How to save battery when playing other games that you can do is activate airplane mode. The air plane mode itself is indeed used for gaming purposes, but there are consequences that you will receive, namely from the internet or data will be disconnected so that all social media applications to phone and SMS activities cannot be done.

6. Use Power Bank as Power Enhancer
Enhancements in the form of power banks have been widely used for gaming purposes. However, it should be noted in using an external power enhancer in the form of a power bank because in terms of capacity it can provide different charging. Choose Read More