The Price Was Worth It

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One of my favorite international bands finally decided to have a tour in my area. They’ve gone on tour in my country before, but they didn’t come anywhere near where I live, and I was so disappointed. I made a vow that I would get tickets to their concert, no matter what. When I looked at their ticket prices online, I couldn’t believe how high they were. Floor seats were priced at $300, and even the nosebleed seats were priced at $80, and this wasn’t counting ticket fees. Bitcoin Trader was the best option for me to have the money to pay for those floor seats.

If it was any other band, I wouldn’t have bothered with paying for the ticket, but since this was a favorite of mine, I worked hard to get the money. I had already bought some bitcoin months before, but didn’t touch it. I gained a little profit from it because of a price rise, but not enough for the tickets. I watched the prices to see if they would rise again, but they stayed stable beyond a few minor raises and drops during the hours. I was beginning to think that it would be impossible to buy the tickets.

Some days later, the market took a sharp drop. This was my perfect chance to buy some more bitcoin. Not long after making a buy, the price went up again and I collected the profit. I repeated this over a couple of days, and I eventually had enough to pay for the floor seats. The floor package came with a special pass that gives you access to the sound check and a backstage autograph session where you get to talk to the band members, shake their hands, and even get a picture taken with them.