The Important Difference Static and Dynamic Electricity

There are differences between static and dynamic electricity in electric currents. Electricity is the transfer of electrons from one atom to another. In other words, electricity is a charge consisting of a positive charge and a negative charge.

An object can be said to have electrical energy if it carries a difference in the amount of charge. In general, electricity can be divided into two types. Call it dynamic electricity and static electricity.

Static and Dynamic Electricity

This is the Difference between Static and Dynamic Electricity

Static electricity is a charge in an electric current that is usually not moving. This is because there is a fairly limited current transfer flow system. Launch Wikipedia, static electricity is an imbalance of electric charge in or on its surface.

This phenomenon of static electricity generally occurs due to the absence of flow or displacement of electric current. Meanwhile, dynamic electricity is electricity that can move or … Read More

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Choosing the Right Gadget for Developing an Online Business

Doing business in modern times is closely related to the use of the internet for business continuity. The online field is also currently crowded with business actors who set up their shops to reach more consumers via the internet. Whether on social media or the marketplace, the right communication and marketing strategies are needed to optimize business capabilities through online stores. On the other hand, in practice, gadgets are needed ranging from smartphones, laptops to tablets that help business actors execute all communication and marketing needs digitally. Even though it looks easy, choosing a gadget to increase your online business needs to be considered carefully, one of which is that the gadgets that have been purchased may not function as you want. No need to worry about choosing the right gadget to improve your online store, here we summarize the tips.


Determine the Main Use

Before buying, first determine the … Read More

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How does the use of proxy ensure anonymity for the user?

The Internet, as a central platform of information exchange, was designed on the principles of openness and transparency. Each node included in the network is identified by a unique IP address. If you do not know this unique address, your node will not be able to detect it and exchange some information. Such clear transparency in all Internet sessions does not at all fit with the desire of anonyms not to provide their identity and location of their computer.

That–s why numerous successful methods to hide IP address when accessing Internet resources were found. Many of them are only available to professional hackers, but most of them can be used by ordinary people who wish to remain anonymous. One of the most common ways to organize Internet anonymity is the use of proxy servers that nowadays many services provide … Read More

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