Confused about choosing the Cloud Services Platform?

A cloud services platform is crucial for your startup or company. Nowadays, there are many providers of Cloud Platform Services aka Cloud Computing, both Software as a Service or Platform as a Service, which offer a variety of prices & features that can make you confused.
Especially if you are currently looking for a Platform for Cloud Services for developing websites or applications for your startup. Then how to choose cloud services for startup founders or developers for those of you who are laymen? Here are 4 things to consider before you choose the Cloud Service Platform!

1) Your Reasons for Using the Cloud Services Platform

This one thing is very important for you. You must know your own reasons why you use cloud services. Is it really because of ‘invitations’ from friends or is it really time for your website or application to require secure cloud storage?
If you don’t think it’s time to use cloud services, you sho
uldn’t hurry and wait until your startup really needs it.

2) Know the Location of the Server Storage

When you choose cloud services, also pay attention to where their servers are located. Because locations in different countries can have different rules & speeds for downloading & uploading. Pay attention first & find out the benefits if you have a server in that country location.

3) Choose Who Has Fast Responsive Customer Support

No one knows if one day there is trouble with your cloud services. Of course, as little trouble as possible should be resolved as soon as possible so that there is no problem in terms of the quality of your service. So choose customer support that is always available & fast responsive, has become a rival with some of the best cloud service providers, this service is still new in the USA even though it is new or sounds familiar to you, but has great experience in other markets. In the future, this company will try to open a company all over the world, you can try first by contacting customer support from now.

4) Choose a Provider Who Has Experienced & Trusted

Before deciding to choose a cloud services provider, make sure the provider has a good reputation in the eyes of its users, both in terms of support & operational. Because after all, the cloud services selector is very influential for your web or application going forward.