Custom Designed Electric Motors vs Off-The-Shelf Options

Electric motors are essential in numerous industries. From aerospace and automotive to kitchen appliances and lawn mowers, they are everywhere. Each manufacturer faces a choice of either buying electric motor parts off the shelf or purchasing custom-made motors.

According to experts with ARC Systems, custom-made electric motors have numerous benefits for any company. Even though the number of benefits exceeds the number of downsides, the majority of companies prefer off-the-shelf options. Why is that? Let–s find out.

Ideal Fit

An off-the-shelf product is designed to suit numerous uses. Think about an off-the-shelf suit. Clothing manufacturers mass-produce suit jackets and slacks according to standards that will fit a majority of people within a certain measurement range. While that suit may look fine on some, it–s probably not going to look anywhere near as good as a custom tailored suit. If you want to look your best, you need something made to your measurements rather than something that just satisfies a general range.

The same works for electric motors. If you need to achieve a perfect fit, you need a custom model. If you opt for the off-the-shelf option, you may need to make some adjustments in order to make it work. Or, in the worst case, you–ll find out that it–s not ideally compatible when it–s too late.

Unique Design

If you are working on a new model of your equipment or machinery, using an old electric motor is out of the question. In such a case, you can contact electric motor manufacturers and show them your vision of what the electric motor for your new project should look like, how it should perform, and other specifics.

The manufacturer takes your needs and requirements into consideration to create a unique electric motor to suit your new project.

Unlimited Edition

When you need to purchase several electric motors for your line of products, you may be limited by the availability of off-the-shelf products. If you opt for custom design, you can sign a contract for a batch of motors for your needs.

In case you only need one or two motors, custom manufacturing is also a good choice since you can get a perfect fit without a huge price tag.

Changes and Adjustments

When the motor manufacturer is working on your project, you have the opportunity to make changes mid-way. When you opt for ordering a batch of off-the-shelf motors, your preferences are rarely considered.

Price Issues

The reason why not all manufacturers opt for custom-made motors is their price. Creating bespoke models requires a serious approach. Larger teams, special equipment, and longer working hours make the process costlier thus affecting its final price.


Creating a custom electric motor takes more time than producing an off-the-shelf model, which has been on the market for a while. For companies looking for quick solutions, custom electric motors may be out of reach.

Final Thoughts

Making the right choice between custom and off-the-shelf electric motors depends on the project on which you are working. While manufacturing custom motors is often more attractive in terms of precision, they can be costlier and more time-consuming. Whether that is a make-or-break factor for your needs is something you really have to consider before spending your money on either option.