Facts about Data Center Infrastructure

Generally, a data center is a facility that houses an enterprise’s IT operations and equipment in order to store, process, and deliver data. In the past, data centers were tightly-controlled, physical infrastructures. However, most data centers have evolved into virtualized infrastructures that support applications across multiple cloud platforms. Data center infrastructure is continually changing and depending on an enterprise’s needs, a data center can become very complicated. In order to maintain a reliable data center infrastructure, data center training is necessary.

The Integral Role of a Data CenterĀ 

Data centers provide essential support to run a business. They provided services such as data management, productivity applications, e-commerce transactions, and artificial intelligence optimization to name a few. There are allegedly more than 7 million data centers worldwide. Most enterprises utilize personal data centers or a model of someone else’s. There are numerous options available currently: renting servers, using third-party data center services, or using cloud-based services from hosts like Amazon or Google.

Primary Elements of a Data CenterĀ 

There are four main elements of a data center. First, a usable space is required to house the IT equipment. Secondly, core equipment and software applications are needed for IT operations and data management. Thirdly, a support infrastructure is needed for the core components. This includes an uninterruptible power source (UPS), proper environmental controls and robust security systems. Lastly, you need a fully trained staff to monitor and maintain IT operations and equipment 24/7.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The architecture of any data center is dependent on the enterprise. Whether the data center is being built for behemoth cloud service provider like Google or for a small private business, different parameters will be desired. Facility, infrastructure and surveillance will vary greatly among data centers. Despite the category of data center, in order to build an operationally sound data system, significant investment in the facility and equipment is essential. Moreover, since data centers house an enterprise’s proprietary information, resilient security systems are prudent.

In recent years, data centers have evolved greatly. Because of the advancements in technology, complex virtualized infrastructures are becoming the backbone of the modern data center. Due to the intricacies involved in the support applications alone, it is recommended that members of the operational staff obtain proper data center training and certifications. A competent staff may dictate the success of a sound data system, and thus the success of an entire enterprise.