How To Pick an Agent When Buying a Home

You can try to buy a home on your own, but this can have many drawbacks. While you will not have to worry about the cost of an agent, you may lose money working on your own. An agent will probably be able to get you a much better deal.

Figure Out What Kind of Agent You Want

There are two different kinds of agents that you could potentially work with. Regular real estate agents help sellers put their homes on the market and then advertise those homes to buyers. They may only tell you about homes from those sellers. A buyer’s agent is basically what it sounds like: These professionals only work with buyers. These agents are helpful because they often can provide a wider range of homes for sale in the area.

Do Your Homework

Research nearby agents online and in person. You are looking for agents who seem organized and professional, and who have sold a fair number of homes. Their advertising materials should be polished, whether they use social media, magazine advertisements or a postcard for real estate marketing.

It is important for real estate agents to have a robust internet presence. This not only means that they need to have an easy-to-use and comprehensive website, but also that they should have frequently updated social media accounts with excellent photos and videos of homes for sale.

Meet With Several Different Agents

Even if the first agent with whom you meet in person seems fantastic, you should still meet with a few others. Ask them how much experience they have in real estate and how many clients they usually have at one time. You should inquire about how many homes they have sold. Good agents will happily give you a record of the homes they have sold in the past year. Agents should respond to your questions quickly and with all of the details that you asked for. A competent agent will also be able to provide you with references.