Need for Business Communication

Need for Business Communication

Communication in any field of profession or relationship is important. The key to maintaining connections and growing businesses is effective communication. When companies recruit employers, the top skill they look for in 2021 is communication. It is necessary to be able to put your ideas forward and share your opinions expressively in a working or a co-dependent environment.

Take a look at what business communication is and why it is essential to business growth.

What is Business Communication?

The interaction within company employees and the interaction of company employees with external parties is called business communication. The more eloquent and transparent this dialogue is, the more beneficial its effects are. There are four types of business communication namely- internal upward, internal downward, external, and internal lateral.

Types of Business Communication and Their Importance

Internal Downward means the communication from the leaders to their respective teams or the head to their subordinates. This communication is important as the lower-level employees must have a clear idea of what the operational demands are. Heads need to provide information and instruction openly and honestly for them to be followed accurately.

Internal upward refers to the interaction from the subordinates to the high-level employees or managers. Many companies often neglect this communication due to which they face higher attrition rates. Open dialogue is valued by employees and especially when their feedback is acknowledged and taken into consideration. A good workplace is a workplace that treats all its employees equally and fairly.

Internal Lateral communication takes place amongst the employees who are on the same level or work together in teams. This kind is very important as everyone must be on the same page about operations and goals. This kind of communication takes place the most frequently and is necessary for optimal productivity and results.

External Communication takes place between company employees and clients or customers. The most experienced and eloquent communicators are given this responsibility as they need to put forward company values and goals effectively and straightforwardly, and also accept feedback and demands as they come. Marketing is the biggest part of external communication; it presents to customers what the company has to offer and listens to what customers have to say.

Why Should Businesses Invest Time in Business Communication

The communication gap causes a lot of problems in the way businesses to work. If information is not spread properly, then work not only slows down but is also not completed due to miscommunication. It is important to conduct meetings and communicate with employees one to one. This reduces the workload of sending emails all day and helps clear any doubts faster.

Many experts conduct workshops on effective communication at the workplace. You can utilize specialized websites to find an email address and contact them to conduct sessions at your office.


Good communication requires time and effort and when done properly it saves a lot of time and effort too. It is the backbone of any business and it not only increases productivity but allows for more creativity and flexibility in ideas and operations.