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Benefits of academic mobile applications for students:

1. Easily Get Campus Latest Information

Your browser does not need to be opened to get information about your campus, all users can read various articles about campus. The information is also diverse, and is obtained from various sources ranging from campus articles, young people, events, scholarships, to careers. News is presented in the form of a line complete with likes and comments.

2. Get Information about the Lecture Schedule

So this is the solution to the problem for students who are often late and absent because they forget and don’t know the class schedule. And this problem will not work for your students if the campus you manage uses this mobile university application. And there is no reason for students to be late and forget their class schedules. Schedule obtained such as; personal schedule, academic schedule, regular schedule and exam schedule.

3. Simplify Seeing Values

Students who want to see the value, they no longer need to go to campus and queue to see the value of the information board, they only need to open an academic mobile application that they can see their value. Students can also see student charts, lecture status,

4. Facilitate Discussion

So this application also supports discussion forums, namely to hold class communication and provide communication with their lecturers.

5. Simplify Financial Management

So users do not need to worry if the payment calendar is lost, because the billing information and payments are already listed in this application.