Wearable Technology Applications In Healthcare

His presently funded projects embody creating information-driven methods to investigate and predict drug antagonistic events and systematically integrating medical picture-text to bridge the gaps between textual and imaging information representations. In summary, various designs of wearable technology applications in healthcare are mentioned in this literature review.

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The communication security of the collected knowledge in Wireless Body Area Networks is a major concern (Ali & Khan, 2015). Encryption is a key factor of comprehensive data-centric safety. Encrypted data and using encryption as an authentication mechanism inside a corporation’s community is generally trusted, however direct entry to keys and certificates allows anyone to gain elevated privileges. The dependability of cryptographic schemes for key administration has turn out to be an essential side of this security. However, the extremely constrained nature of biosensors has made designing key management schemes a challenging task. For this cause, many light-weight key management schemes have been proposed to overcome these constraints. Because the physiological knowledge are transmitted over the WiFi, there is a want for safe WBAN communications to prevent eavesdropping and the interrupting of non-public data.

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Choo, Dettman, Dowell, & Cowan evaluated the effectiveness of using wearable units and smartphones for monitoring language patterns. The examine conducted a Language Environment Analysis utilizing a language-tracking wearable system to gather mom-baby communication knowledge. The collected data had been used to offer feedback to mothers in regards to the communication sample.

Heat stroke can harm people when they are doing workouts in sizzling temperatures. The team proposed a fuzzy logic-based methodology for inferencing indicators collected from multiple wearable devices, environmental temperatures and humidity sensors. The experimental results confirmed that the system can be utilized to watch heat stroke threat and alert users. The development of wearable technology and the probabilities of using AI in healthcare is a concept that has been investigated by many studies.