Why Do You Need to Avoid Free or Cheap Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting is about purchasing web hosting resources from a parent company, creating customized packages, and selling them to websites looking for web hosting services. In recent years, with a surge in the number of new websites being launched and a corresponding increase in the demand for a good web hosting service, Hosting Resellers have managed to establish profitable businesses.

Among other things, choosing the right parent company and Web Hosting Reseller plan are essential to the success of a Reseller Hosting business since the performance of the packages created by the reseller depends on that of the infrastructure of the parent company. There are numerous reseller plans available in the market with some offering free or very cheap plans. While we understand that the cost of the reseller plan can have a direct impact on the bottom line of your Reseller Hosting business, if you buy the cheapest Reseller Web Hosting plans only because of its low price, then the results might not always be favorable for your business.

Let–s look at some reasons why avoiding the cheapest Reseller Hosting plans and looking for the best Reseller Hosting plan can be better for your business.

1. Infrequent maintenance of the server

Running and maintaining the infrastructure required to offer web hosting is a costly affair. The parent hosting company needs to invest in the hardware, and the manpower needed to maintain it regularly to keep it functioning optimally at all times. When a company offers cheap or free reseller plans, it might cut back on the support for the infrastructure and reduce the frequency of server maintenance. Hence, the performance of your hosting packages that are based on this infrastructure can suffer. A cost-effective and reliable web hosting provider will offer robust Reseller Hosting plans with the right balance of infrastructure.

2. Unpredictable Downtimes

Whether you are a hosting company or a reseller, if you cannot offer a hosting service that ensures a maximum uptime guarantee, most serious site owners will leave you for your competitors. The industry standard is somewhere in the range of 99.5%+ uptime assurance. This requires the hosting company to take care of the hardware, security, and various other aspects. With cheap or free reseller plans, the parent company might try to cut corners and result in unpredictable downtimes that can impact your clients.

3. Poor Support

Most Hosting Resellers are not expected to be technical experts. They rely on the support offered by the parent company to manage any client queries or complaints. A good hosting company ensures that a team of technical experts is available to its Hosting Resellers around the clock. With providers offering cheap or free plans, this service might be limited or even completely unavailable. This can put you in a perilous spot, especially while tackling technical issues faced by your clients.

Summing Up

As mentioned before, we understand that the cost of the reseller plan is of prime concern for most resellers as it impacts the profitability of the business. However, while there might be other ways to boost profitability, compromising on the quality of the Reseller Hosting plan can dent your brand–s reputation and business irrevocably. Most reseller plans are not very expensive, and saving a few dollars can be counterproductive if the impact on the quality of hosting is severe. Hence, think carefully before opting for a cheap or free reseller plan and consider all aspects before buying the perfect Reseller Hosting plan. You can opt for cost-effective Linux-based cPanel Reseller Hosting plans that offer a range of features at very low rates.

Apart from free/cheap Reseller Hosting plans, there are other mistakes that you should avoid in a Reseller Hosting business. Check out the following video to understand 4 practices that you should avoid with Reseller Hosting –